The Rock and Thor's Brother Stealing Some Money in 'Empire State'

January 5, 2012


Attempting to supplant The Rundown's combination of The Rock and Seann William Scott as the ultimate of Rock and douchey blonde guy, director Dito Montiel is working to secure Dwayne Johnson and Liam Hemsworth as the leads in Empire State, a film about the real-life 1982 heist of a New York City armored car. Hemsworth--who has big roles coming up as Gale in Hunger Games and as The One Who for Some Reason Isn't an Old, Veiny Man in Expendables 2--will play a character named Chris. Johnson--who will next shoot things in G.I. Joe and then do Fast/Furious movies with Vin Diesel until he dies--will play "Ransone," which is apparently a name. "Empire State of Mind"--which is a popular song with "Empire State" in the title--will play during every TV spot, because you haven't heard that song enough yet.

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