There's This Now: 'Tooth Fairy 2', with Larry the Cable Guy

January 25, 2012


For the working class child who felt Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's portrayal of a hockey player turned tooth fairy was a shade too elitist, there's now an unapologetically more blue collar alternative: Tooth Fairy 2, starring Larry the Cable Guy.

In this sequel that bypasses theaters to git-r-done straight to the home video audience, Larry the Cable Guy plays a sleeveless buffoon named Larry, who, in a departure from the Cable Guy's usual comic persona, fixes cars for a living. While inexplicably, suspiciously loitering around a daycare center one day, Larry the Auto Mechanic makes the mistake of telling a potential young prey "tooth fairies are fairy tales," thus setting in slow-motion a chain of events that, as original Tooth Fairy fans will already suspect, eventually render Larry a large, male tooth fairy--albeit one who comes to wear overalls, because even as a supernatural winged being, Larry remains resolute in maintaining the garb of the hoi polloi. He knows his fan base.

Here in this trailer for the film, the narrator cheerfully lays out the sleeveless one's hilariously-unexpected predicament, explaining, "He didn't ask for it!" Well, yeah, Larry, neither did anyone else, and yet...

Tooth Fairy 2 comes to us from director Alex Zamm, a man whose hands are already so filthy with Inspector Gadget 2, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, and Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts that he doesn't mind rolling around in some more slop--at times literally, if a particularly pig-heavy scene requires it. Zamm next directs Eddie Murphy's voice atop a CGI Hong Kong Phooey, his first theatrical release since the 1998 Carrot Top comedy Chairman of the Board. Congratulations?

(Thanks to KidBraggart for identifying this new burden.)

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