'Upside Down' Trailer: Lovers Divided by Loosely-Explained Opposing Gravitational Fields

January 3, 2012


Passionate loves forbidden by deep social divides are some of our most enduring and recurring tales ever told, but can such a star-crossed romance survive some sort of ill-conceived, high-concept sci-fi conceit? Time to find out thanks to Upside Down, a new film that layers a romance between Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess with a story about two nearby worlds somehow separated by opposing gravitational fields, which basically means sometimes the camera is flipped over for a close-up. It also means Sturgess must endure hair-tousling Inception-style gravity swaps just to sneak over and do some ballroom dancing with his love--an act that, I should inform you, is totally banned because of upside-down people and normal-side-down people being forbidden from interacting. Further confusing matters, Sturgess and Dunst's characters are named Adam and Eve, respectively, because apparently Upside Down is not just a hazy Romeo & Juliet-by-way-of-Philip K. Dick scenario: it's also some sort of biblical allegory, I guess?

And then everyone on each world somehow gets all tossed together, and someone says, "Perhaps upside-downs and regulars are, deep down, all the same--like the star-bellies and non-star-bellies end up in that one Dr. Seuss book." The end.

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