Well, Start Buying Your 'Dark Knight Rises' Tickets

January 11, 2012


Six months remain before the release of The Dark Knight Rises at least reveals why Batman now uses some kind of modified Super Nintendo light gun to fight crime, but theaters in some major markets have decided you should start buying tickets to the Batman sequel RIGHT NOW, so they can use that money to fill up their trucks and buy beer tonight.

According to Variety, and since confirmed my own cursory Fandango search, IMAX tickets for the July 20th release are already on sale in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and possibly other, yet-undiscovered areas whose residents should also be panicked and scrambling to make sure they get into a midnight screening on a novelty-sized screen. So if you're serious about having the 12:01 Dark Knight Rises experience, you'd better look into tickets now. Otherwise, you're going to have to go with that guy who bought an extra and doesn't have anyone to go with, and you know he's going to go dressed as "overweight Joker but with glasses and a soul patch" again.

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