Aerial Warfare-Based 'Paradise Lost' Cancelled

February 9, 2012


Though the idea seemed really awesome when they were sketching it in their Intro to English Lit notebook, Legendary Pictures has since had some second thoughts about creating an adaptation of Paradise Lost based entirely around super sweet mid-air combat. Alex Proyas had been set to direct Bradley Cooper as douchey Lucifer in a 3D, action-oriented take on John Milton's epic poem, but Variety reports the studio has now cancelled the project due to budget concerns. CGI wings cost a lot when you want them to morph into blades that shoot out of the screen in slow motion, and with such a sequence also obviously requiring the licensing of the Mortal Kombat theme, you can see how costs add up fast for a tome as heart-pounding as Paradise Lost.

Ben Walker, Casey Affleck, Djimon Hounsou, Rufus Sewell, Camilla Belle, Diego Boneta, and Callan McAuliffe were also set to star and now have some free time--as does Cooper, of course, so maybe now he can get back to his old, abandoned plan of starring in a remake of the The Crow. Shame to just stand by and see a such a nice skull-and-crossbones hat go unused.

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