Another Hitchcock Remake, Someone on 'Community' Dying, Taylor Swift's 'Hunger Games' Song, and More...

February 14, 2012


- With DreamWorks working on a new version of Rebecca, Paramount figures they'd better get in on this hot Hitchcock remake action, too, and the studio has started work on a remake of Suspicion. But, hey, at least it isn't a movie based on a YouTube video of a talking dog, right?

- Someone "you've seen a lot" is going to DIE on Community this season! And John Hodgman is going to guest star! Not that NBC has given any clue as to when these episodes will actually air. When they do, though, believe me, things will happen. (via!)

- It's been almost two years since we last heard of progress on a belated sequel to Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal. It turns out that's because no one is making it anymore.

- Haywire's Gina Carano is attached to star in In the Blood, an action-thriller described as being in the vein of Taken. The film is being directed by Into the Blue/Blue Crush/Dark Tide director John Stockwell, so more accurately, it's probably Taken with Gina Carano in a bikini.

- Okay, ready to hear Taylor Swift pout and "ooh" her way through this Hunger Games thing? Well, regardless...

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