Billy Connolly Will Also Be 'Hobbit' Dwarf, Will Hopefully Do Those Classic Connolly Gleeful Screams

February 9, 2012


When you heard the pompously-named Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing multiple roles in The Hobbit series--providing his voice to both Smaug and the Necromancer--you, like me, probably though, "Waaaaaiiiiiit a second, here. TWO for Cumberbatch and still nothing for Billy Connolly? Where is B.C. in this casting announcement? Did he not delight you as Scottish replacement teacher "Billy" in Head of the Class? Were you not charmed by his role as the Scottish immigrant named "Billy" in the ABC sitcom Billy? Enamored by his presence in Muppet Treasure Island, in which he played "Billy"? Did you think he couldn't play a role that wasn't his own name? Because, X-Files: I Want To Believe: heard of it, Peter Jackson? It was the sequel to the X-Files with the bees."

Anyway, today we can stop naming roles in which Billy Connolly played either a character named Billy or a character not named Billy but still with crazy Billy Connolly hair and brogue. Peter Jackson has realized his error, and has reportedly cast Connolly as Dain Ironfoot, dwarf warrior and cousin of Thorin Oakenshield. Said Jackson of the casting:

"We could not think of a more fitting actor to play Dain Ironfoot, the staunchest and toughest of Dwarves, than Billy Connolly, the Big Yin himself. With Billy stepping into this role, the cast of The Hobbit is now complete. We can't wait to see him on the Battlefield!"

Meanwhile, on the unrelated subject of showing your teenage son you love them, Billy said:

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