'Bourne Legacy' Trailer: Jeremy Renner the Captain America of Meth Heads?

February 8, 2012


You may think replacing the Bourne series' title hero with Jeremy Renner's whoever-the-fuck was just a reactionary afterthought to the departure of franchise star Matt Damon, but you could not be more wrong, insists this first trailer for The Bourne Legacy. "THERE WAS NEVER JUST ONE," I am told! This Renner guy? He has been around for AGES. You didn't know that? Oh yeah, he is definitely an established character in the Bourne mythos. There's Bourne, and then there's also always this other guy who is awesome too. I'm surprised you didn't know that there was never just one, because there wasn't.

Below, see hints of Jeremy Renner guy's origin story, and learn how awesome this guy is at running around killing people in the style of Bourne. He's especially impressive considering his background is apparently anti-meth PSAs:

The Bourne Legacy: Bourne with less Bourne, more pickable scabs.

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