Here's Your New RoboCop

February 24, 2012


Joel Kinnaman--best known for his role on AMC's The Killing--is probably going to be shot to death and reconstructed as a cyborg police officer of Detroit's future, because MGM decided someone has to be.

The studio was previously rumored to have been considering Chris Pine, Russell Crowe, or Michael Fassbender for the title role in their RoboCop remake, but it seems there's now a lesser-known, gaunter-looking Murphy in their sights. Kinnaman, who also just appeared in Safe House, is reportedly getting the lead offer from MGM, which is being directed by Elite Squad's José Padilha.

MGM's plan to reboot Paul Verhoeven's 1987 classic has been moving along in recent days, with the studio just hiring the Gran Torino writer to fix their script, TO FIX EVERYTHING--which pretty much everyone, myself included, assumes means removing all subtext and satire, steering the franchise into becoming a mutated, repulsive version of its past self. And yes, perhaps such judgment is premature, and perhaps I'm largely making the statement so I can post the below clip as a relevant if obvious visual analog, but still.

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