Katherine Heigl Basically Remaking That Milla Jovovich Face Blindness Movie Now

February 2, 2012


Having already lowered her integrity level to "will almost remake a Gerard Butler bounty hunting romantic-comedy, explicitly for the money" with One for the Money, Katherine Heigl has now come to terms with the fact that re-doing a 2011 Milla Jovovich thriller isn't such a big step down. As such, she's just agreed to star in Face Blind, an indie film about a woman afflicted by the inability to recognize faces (i.e., she is "face blind"), thus leaving her unable to identify someone stalking and terrorizing her. And if that premise sounds familiar, it's because Milla Jovovich made a movie with an identical prosopagnosia-based plot device with last year's Faces in the Crowd. It is very exciting, face blindness! We can probably wring two, three more films out of this disorder before passing it off to a Law & Order: SVU episode, then finally retiring it as a government-mandated caution on the side of the Guess Who? box.

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