New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer: Spidey Effs the Police, Carjackers, a Lizard Man, and a Teenage Girl

February 7, 2012


This sure looks like a Spider-Man movie! A new trailer for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, previewed yesterday at selected venues, has now made its way online and awaits your judgement below. The full picture of what this reboot is doing still feels incomplete even with this latest bit of Spidermanning, but it at least fills in some of the lingering questions about tone, action, and story while, thankfully, leaving us with a few questions yet to be answered with the full film. Like, how does Peter Parker keep his hair so carefully fluffed? Even when the cops have just pulled off his mask, it's like the guy's got a blow-dryer in there.

Some end-of-chapter questions to consider:

- Andrew Garfield's attempt at a teenage, wise-cracking Spidey who is very particular about his hair? Not bad, right?

- On Spider-Man himself: his suit and accompanying weird sneaker things look a lot better in context, under proper lighting, don't they? And Marc Webb's insistence on making stunt guys swing around on harnesses has really paid off. Compared to the Sam Raimi films, I feel like there were a lot less instances of being annoyed at a rubber-limbed, CGI version of Tobey Maguire weightlessly drifting through Manhattan.

- Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy: Very... Emma Stone-inspired, no?

- Our first look at The Lizard: with the extreme close-up of the eye and the quick shots of CGI reptilian claws, was anyone else transported back to 1998's Godzilla? I kept waiting for Matthew Broderick to cruise past in his CR-V.

- Is Emma Stone "in trouble" because she's going to die!? Or is she just doing that thing where girls say that because they're really falling for their lanky boyfriend?

- How many times has Denis Leary played Denis Leary: Civil Servant? For extra credit, figure out if that number is higher or lower than Reginald VelJohnson's instances of playing Carl Winslow: Civil Servant, and write it down in your Spider-Workbook.

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