New 'American Reunion' Trailer Gets Right Back to (Several) Cum Jokes

February 22, 2012


Eugene Levy seems quite intent on ruining his streak of over 1500 workdays without incident of being in an American Pie film, and here's proof of his negligence: a new trailer for American Reunion, featuring Levy proudly announcing his ability to pleasure a woman with just his thumb. Of course, it's not just Levy this time resorting to this. The rest of the old gang is there, too, waxing nostalgically about how much better things were in high school as the soundtrack quietly begs the bartender for a quarter to put Semisonic on the jukebox just one more time. And, hey, remember masturbation gags? Look how fat and lazy they've become in their age!

"The pages are all stuck together" has got to be the laziest masturbation joke ever placed in a movie. The pages are adhered with semen! Don't forget to play a sad trombone to accompany this realization.

I am, however, pleased that Reid and Lyonne are given no lines. Just these vacant looks.
As it should be.

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