'RoboCop' Being Reconstructed by 'Gran Torino' Writer

February 1, 2012


Though MGM's four years of progress on fabricating a new RoboCop now look shamefully pathetic in comparison to Detroit's successful efforts to do the same, still the studio presses onward in its own backwards way. Back in March of last year, MGM hired still-uncredited screenwriter Josh Zetumer to put together a script for director José Padilha, and now, almost a year later, they've realized they should get someone else for this cyborg policeman thing. Their choice: Nick Schenk, the similarly nigh-untested screenwriter of Gran Torino who has apparently already been working with Padilha on the script for his Tri-Border. It remains unclear if the script will take on the darkly-satirical shape of the original, but considering that last we heard Chris Pine was wanted for the lead, if nothing else, the entire production remains a comically bleak look at our future. Or at least comical until I realize I've just paid $12 to watch Chris Pine make out with Jessica Biel through a metal exoskeleton.

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