Sacha Baron Cohen Wants To Attend Oscars as Dictator

February 22, 2012


Threatened over the appearance of a rival bewigged comedian nearing the Academy Awards, Sacha Baron Cohen is acting quickly to ensure it will be his wacky accent call and spirit gum pheromones dominating the ceremony.

Sources have reportedly told The Hollywood Reporter that Cohen hopes to crash this year's Oscars by showing up in character as General Aladeen, the lead in his upcoming comedy The Dictator. It will be like Borat! Except not really as funny or shocking, because now everyone knows it's just Sacha Baron Cohen with some hair glued on, acting like an asshole.

Still, Sacha Baron Cohen might do that, though it's unclear if he'll be doing so with the cooperation of Paramount. The edgy comedian that he is, Cohen reportedly made sure to tell the Dictator studio of his intent, but they have declined to comment. AMPAS, too, remain largely silent on the matter, though they have admitted that show's producers hadn't been informed of the plan. The Academy may take issue with the fact that a film is being promoted during their telecast--which only recently allowed movie spots to run during commercial breaks--but as THR points out, Cohen may make the valid argument that he can wear whatever he wants and do whatever loud voices he wants, and no one can tell him what to do or he'll scream and scream and make even more of a scene. In which case the AMPAS will be forced to say, alright, Sacha, alright. You can wear your funny beard and glasses to the show. Now go put on your crazy jacket or we'll be late.

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