Super Bowl Spots for 'Avengers', 'John Carter', 'Battleship', and More

February 5, 2012


Sunday night, while the Giants and Patriots competed to determine who is best at doing football, film studios bitterly fought to get audiences interested in whatever combinations of actors, explosions, and expensive CGI they've most recently assigned recognizable titles to. New spots for The Avengers, John Carter, Battleship, The Lorax, and Act of Valor all premiered during the game, giving us all something to consider alongside all the footballing, Madonna medleying, and the question of whether or not Audi really just spent its entire Super Bowl budget on showing off bright headlights and lazy Twilight references. Have a look at the new trailers below.

This Avengers spot premiered as a 30-second spot during the game, but has since appeared online as a full minute trailer with additional new footage. As you can see in the still above, the entire team finally comes together, for at least a few moments, to fight some still-unidentified alien things, and at the end, we're treated to a nice moment of Tony Stark pouring himself a drink and chatting with Norse god/villain Loki about having a Hulk on his side. If that isn't a scene to be expanded into a one-act off-Broadway play, I don't know what is.

As with their Avengers spot, Disney also released a longer version of their John Carter ad as an internet-only supplement. The film's recurrent imagery of vast deserts, lanky alien armies, and elongated, appendaged aircrafts still feels just a littttle too painfully reminiscent of The Phantom Menace, but hey, maybe we just need to chill out, R2.

If the goal of this Battleship commercial was to get confused viewers to ask, "Did someone force Liam Neeson into a Transformers?", it was a roaring success. Though Michael Bay was no doubt furious when he made the startled discovery that someone had stolen his magic pouch of vaguely robotic dins and giant, computer-generated bike chains.

I forget, did anyone in Dr. Seuss's original The Lorax ever die and get resuscitated with electrified bears? Because that happens now.

If the full trailer for Act of Valor looked like a video game, this abbreviated ad, well, still looks like a video game. But this time you just kept mashing "A" to skip all the pointless introductory details about plot and villain. JUST LET ME SHOOT PEOPLE.

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