'Twisted Metal' Video Game Will Be a Movie

February 15, 2012


Well, here's an idea that at least makes sense on paper: Crank and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance co-director Brian Taylor has signed a deal to make a film based on the long-running video game series Twisted Metal. Sony had made a seven-figure deal with Taylor, who will both write and direct--for the first time free of directing partner Mark Neveldine, who has clearly been stifling Taylor's creativity as of late. Come on, Neveldine, you want Ghost Rider to ONLY puke and piss fire, never once ejaculating embers? What is this, Schindler's List 2? A partnership cannot remain when one party tries to limit the orifices from which fire with spews out all awesome and shit! Though, Neveldine and Taylor are still talking about making Crank 3D together, so maybe they're still doing fine together. This is just a little time off, not a divorce, and it's none of your faults.

For those who never had the demo bundled with their PlayStation, Twisted Metal and its subsequent sequels focused on a demolition derby-like event that allowed and encouraged unusual vehicles, powerful weapons, and the participation bizarre characters--a violent, flame-headed clown, for example. So you can see how a director of Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider and the cartoonishly video game-esque Crank series makes some sense for this adaptation. Just try to forget that last time Brian Taylor invoked video games, we ended up with Gamer.

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