Watch Dictator Ruin Huffy Ryan Seacrest's Entire Night

February 27, 2012


True to his threats, Sacha Baron Cohen last night showed up at the Oscars in the full regalia, beard, and unplaceable tongue-rolling accent of General Aladeen, the main character of his upcoming The Dictator. The stunt could have ended up being nothing more than a lazy, shticky publicity move, but instead Cohen--at home in-character amongst the unprepared--really sold his appearance with some genuinely funny lines. Also, he dumps Kim Jong-il's ashes on Ryan Seacrest, and you can tell it kind of makes Seacrest want slam the bedroom door and cry into his American Idol comforter. This is Seacrest's Carrie:

I love that, behind that unnaturally polished grin, you can see Seacrest considering if this indeed the worst atrocity ever committed by any dictator ever.

Anyway, can this be the new poster for The Dictator?


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