Wedding Crashers Re-Teaming To Be 'Interns', Which They Are Too Old To Be

February 8, 2012


Did you like how Wedding Crashers put Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson together, acting like assholes, in a location they were not meant to be? Then you will probably also like how this new movie will do that, too!

Fox has picked up the script for a comedy called Interns, and has attached Vaughn and Wilson in the title roles, playing middle-aged men who get laid off and decide to restart their careers on the bottom rung of a dotcom company. The economy! Dotcoms! This may be even more forcefully once-relevant than Madea's Bernie Madoff Analog!

Vaugh himself wrote the script, which is not very good news when you consider the quality of his only screenplay to date, the third-rate monogamy comedy Couples Retreat. (That movie was not an enjoyable comic romp.) Shawn Levy is attached to direct, leaving him to answer all the tough questions the very existence of this project already ask: Is Justin Long a fellow intern or is he now old enough to play the young dotcom CEO? Where to place Jon Favreau? How to make the most out of the one shooting day Ben Stiller will agree to wear funny facial hair for? Owen Wilson is the intern who has a romance at his new work, and Vince Vaughn is the one married to Leslie Mann, right? Yes, Shawn Levy, that much is clear.

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