Will Smith Making 'I Am Legend' Sequel Despite Grenade Mishap

February 17, 2012


As a Will Smith says at the end of I Am Legend, "They're not gonna stop... they're not gonna stop." Warner Bros. is going to make a sequel to I Am Legend no matter how illogical that may be. So, a heroic and exhausted Smith has decided he'll be the one to stay behind and make sure Akiva Goldsman's mediocrity grenade hits audiences in all international territories.

According to Deadline, Goldsman and Smith's Overbrook Entertainment has closed a deal with Warner to produce a sequel to the 2007 blockbuster I Am Legend, and the plan is for Will Smith to once again put on a lab coat to reprise the role of scientist Robert Neville--and as of now, the film is not being called a prequel.

Of course, as anyone who has seen I Am Legend knows, this does not make a lot of sense as a plan. Dr. William Smith dies at the end of the film, taking a grenade into a crowd of stretchy-mouthed mutants so that his cure for their baldness may be taken out into the world as his LEGEND. There is an alternate, original ending in which Smith does survive--forming an uneasy truce with the CGI freaks, he lives to go on a road trip--but that was only released as a deleted scene on home video, so it would require some explaining before it could be used as the basis for the sequel. Maybe an explanation like, "Please, purchase I Am Legend on Blu-ray! And don't forget to watch the bonus features, or this sequel isn't going to make any sense." But as Deadline rightly points out, "These [issues] of course are semantics." When the original made over half a billion dollars worldwide, who's to say if that grenade's massive explosion really killed Will Smith or simply launched him out the roof and onto a waiting motorcycle? That's for newly-hired screenwriter Arash Amel to decide. In the meantime, here are both of the film's endings.



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