'21 Jump Street' Proves Jonah Hill High School Comedies Profitable at Any BMI

March 19, 2012


Your weekend box office:

1. 21 Jump Street - $35 million. Looks like we've finally found the formula for turning a late '80s crime procedural into a surreal, contemporary buddy comedy. Science triumphs again.

2. The Lorax - $22.8 million, bringing the film to nearly $160 million in just 17 days. That's over $50 million more than the live-action The Cat in the Hat made over its entire run, so you can see why we now have to remake that as Mike Myers-less CGI, right, Mike Myers?

3. John Carter - $13.5 million. Sorry, Disney, everyone in America did not suddenly start to wonder what that jumping man in the desert was all about.

4. Project X - $4 million, bumping the $12 million comedy's domestic gross to over four times its production cost. Cheap party movies with bizarrely science fiction-esque names are our sad future for the next decade.

5. A Thousand Words - When Eddie Murphy talks, leaves fall off a tree, and that makes Eddie Murphy die, and that made $3.7 million this weekend.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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