'24' Movie Still Apparently Happening, But Not Any Time Soon

March 14, 2012


The 24 movie is becoming the Arrested Development movie of humorless Kiefer Sutherland real-time thrillers.

Though it's been over two years since Jack Bauer last really made the most of a day, and both Sutherland and Fox are eager to get the character running around with a pistol again, apparently you're going to have to wait a while before that's going to happen. According to Deadline, production on a 24 movie, once tentatively scheduled for this month, has now been delayed indefinitely. It seems budget concerns and an unnervingly tight schedule have forced the studio to reconsider the film's spring start, and that makes Kiefer Sutherland very sad, because he was pretty excited about growling at some more terrorists:

There are rumors this came down to budget and that Sutherland is upset because he was sparked up to resume his role as the rough-and-tumble government operative, who over eight seasons prevented numerous apocalyptic terror attacks. Studio insiders tell me Fox wasn't convinced it had enough time to complete the film before Sutherland has to go back to work on Touch's second season, and didn't want to rush and neither did Sutherland. The picture is being produced by Imagine Entertainment's Brian Grazer and Sutherland and they have a script written by Billy Ray, and polished by Mark Bomback.

The script is said to be written as the first chapter of a larger arc "with the potential to turn into a Die Hard-type action franchise," but despite Fox's open interest in having a Die Hard-type action franchise--even if having that means drawing out the actual, stretched-thin Die Hard franchise--it is thus far unclear is Fox will continue to prepare the director-less, still-not-officially-greenlighted film for Sutherland's next break. Especially if Sutherland remains so combative about shooting during his Christmas hiatus:

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