[UPDATED with Bush-Related Casting News] 'Bling Ring' Fills Out Its Cast, Gets Expected "Mom"

March 7, 2012


UPDATE: Someone close to the production has informed me that--in a Lenny Kravitz-in-Hunger Games-esque casting move--musician, infrequent actor, and Zoolander cameo artist Gavin Rossdale has also joined the film.

Sofia Coppola's upcoming Bling Ring concerns a group of real-life teenagers who, over the course of a year, repeatedly burglarized the homes of various Hollywood Hills celebrities. Since Coppola is dealing with the lives of teens here, obviously some parents will show up at some point, and because one dominant motherly presence has risen up to create a nurturing monopoly under which no other attractive 40-ish woman may practice screen motherhood, at least one of those parents is going to be Leslie Mann.

Mann has just joined Emma Watson on the cast of the film, and will play mother a mother of two of the children. Maybe mother to Watson. Or maybe mother to some combination of Taissa Farmiga, Israel Broussard, Katie Chang, Claire Pfister, and/or Georgia Rock, all of whom have also joined the cast. There's really no telling who exactly Leslie Mann will birth and lovingly raise with her Husband Character. She is the EveryMom. And she's now far enough ahead of the pack that she can slow down any time now. Dial it back, Leslie Mann. You've lapped Joan Cusack and Catherine O'Hara is too old to catch you.

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