'Borat' National Anthem Ruins Kazakh Shooting Team's Medal Ceremony

March 23, 2012


Though Borat is long out of theaters, and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has conveniently found a new home nestled in a wacky beard grown somewhere in the Middle East, Borat's home country of Kazakhstan has not found it so easy to remove the film's mankini of cultural stigma.

For a Western world largely unfamiliar with Kazakhstan, Borat defined the country, and its definition was a backwards, primitive civilization boasting the second-cleanest prostitutes in the region (after Turkmenistan). Kazakhstan now has to deal with the burden of "is nice" being their unofficial slogan, to be quoted upon any mention of the country, regardless of context. Kazakhstan could have a horrible tragedy and the news would still inevitably be met by assholes questioning if the death of thousands "is nice." And, as less expected consequence of Borat, Kazakhstan's athletes sometimes have to deal with their actual national anthem being confused with Borat's mock anthem that proudly describes the levels of human waste in a pool.

As you'll see and hear in the below video from a sporting event in Kuwait, the proud Kazakh winner of a shooting competition was forced to respectfully stand, hand on heart, as Sacha Baron Cohen's super-offensive parody version of the Kazakhstan national anthem plays to a stadium surprised to learn of Kazakhstand's apparent dominance in potassium exporting. This is surely the worst Kazakh anthem mishap since two weeks ago.

This is like if someone played a Toby Keith song instead of The Star-Spangled Banner. Except Americans would probably cheer for that, so I don't know what this is like. We should probably work this confusion out before the Olympics, though.


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