Brett Ratner Will Do Another 'Midnight Run'

March 22, 2012


Disregarding the hallowed canon laid out by the television movies Another Midnight Run, Midnight Runaround, and Midnight Run for Your Life, Brett Ratner will create a new second chapter in the Midnight Run series, amending the mistakes of those prior sequels by this time paying De Niro enough to be in this goddammer.

Universal suddenly appears very eager to move quickly on a new Midnight Run sequel, get this thing in theaters before the popular #RunCharlesGrodinRun hashtag loses momentum. They've hired writers David Elliot and Paul Lovett, the men whose words nearly gave life to Channing Tatum in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, to flesh out a new draft of the Midnight Run 2 script that's been gathering dust for the last couple years. As noted, the studio is also in talks with Brett Ratner to direct, as Ratner lends the film the action-buddy-comedy experience of the Rush Hour series and slick, greasy palms he's probably always wiping on his pants.

You may recall, the first Midnight Run ended exactly the same way pretty much every recent mainstream De Niro movie ends: with De Niro walking away with a wad of cash big enough to ensure he would never have to lower himself to such a dirty job ever again. Why he or his character would return for another Midnight Run is a mystery, but De Niro and bounty hunter Jack Walsh are indeed coming back, as confirmed back in 2010. Maybe Walsh got taken in with a Ponzi scheme and lost it all? And then that could tie in to Tower Heist, building to a De Niro-inclusive sequel for that film? Ratner's glistening fingers could be constructing a vast world of buddy comedy, Wall Street allegory, and sass! This all makes sense now. Welcome to the Ratnerverse. No rehearsals.

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