Conan Forgives Chinese Show "Da Peng" For Ripping Him Off

March 6, 2012


A few days ago, Conan O'Brien discovered that Chinese talk show host Da Peng ripped off the opening for Conan almost shot for shot. Word got way to Da Peng that Conan found out about it and they responded in the only way a strange Chinese talk show knows how: weirdness. Well being the super cool cat that Conan O'Brien is, he responded to their response the only way he knows how: more weirdness. Check out the clip after the jump, along with the original clip from a few days ago.

It's cool that Conan O'Brien is such a good sport and even got his graphics department to create an original opening for Da Peng to use. If it was me, I would've had them slip in all sorts of subliminal images, like of animals having sex or something. But I'm just classy like that. And here's the original Conan clip from a few days ago:

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