Dan Aykroyd Writing Comedy with Chevy Chase, Because He Doesn't Even Need Bill Murray for That

March 20, 2012


Well, Bill Murray isn't returning Dan Aykroyd's Ghostbusters calls, so Aykroyd is scrolling down to the next entry in his "SNL Friendz" contact list. You know how it is once you've got a few Crystal Skull vodkas guiding your drunk-dialing hand.

According to Aykroyd, as announced on his Facebook timeline (are you using the new timeline? 17 of your friends are, plus Dan Aykroyd), he's reached out to his Spies Like Us costar Chevy Chase, and they're about to start writing a comedy to take advantage of Chase's Community comeback and Dan Aykroyd's return to the spotlight as unwanted purveyor of rampant, oft-spurious Ghostbusters rumors:

"Chevy (Chase) and I are about to start work on a script concept for a comedy movie. Cannot say too much about the concept, but the joy of working with him again is one that I am extremely excited about. Chevy is one of my favourite people, and one of the great anarchistic and physically committed comedians in the business."

Chase and Aykroyd's last on-screen appearance together was in 1991's Nothing But Trouble, which concluded with Chase's banker cartoonishly bursting through a wall and Aykroyd's dick-nosed judge promising he'd "see [him] soon." Could this be the Still Nothing But Trouble sequel we've all been waiting for? Considering Nothing But Trouble made less than $8.5 million back of its $40 million budget, probably not. Just as well. What's a Nothing But Trouble film without John Candy and, inexplicably, a cameo from the entirety of Digital Underground?

RIP, 2Pac.


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