Eddie Izzard Is NBC's Grandpa Munster

March 20, 2012


NBC's Mockingbird Lane--the network recently changed the name of their Munsters remake, for the same reason the Munsters themselves assumedly once altered their surname to avoid being identified as the ungodly monsters they are--today got its first cast member in the unlikely form of Eddie Izzard in the role of Sam Dracula, aka Grandpa Munster. I guess you couldn't understand Jerry Stiller's shouting through the prop fangs?

Keeping with the original Grandpa, Izzard's take on the character will have the ability to shape-shift into such creatures as bats and wolves, as such a transformation would surely be visually striking, and "visually striking" is pretty much the only hazy description ever given to this remake. In a departure from the original, Izzard's Grandpa is "also dapper and charming in a fedora," because, again, "visually striking" is what they're going for, and nothing is more visually striking than a hat.

Just as his character is at times beast, at times dapper grandfather in a fedora, Izzard will be both cast member and producer, joining Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller and X-Men's Bryan Singer in that capacity. If you have any questions about why a Munsters remake is "visually striking," not a spooky organ signaling the quick end of television's recent Renaissance, they're the guys to ask.

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