Full 'Prometheus' Trailer Super Intense

March 19, 2012


The latest Prometheus trailer's audio track alone is enough to send anxious minds into a panic attack: the pounding soundtrack giving way to dissonant wailing; the cast's ominous tone devolving to anguished, terrified screaming; is Idris Elba drifting in and out of a Southern accent? Stop that, Idris Elba. Matched with refreshingly dark photography and increasingly frenetic editing, this trailer makes for a super-intense, occasionally-Southern two-and-a-half-minute experience.

That sticky gunk is becoming original H.R. Giger prints! Maybe? Probably. Anyway, I have to admit, what once seemed like an ill-conceived belated prequel is now looking like a pretty fucking exciting summer film. I want to see this! I want to know why THEY WERE SO WRONG! CUT IT OFF! CUT IT OFF!!! I'm not ashamed to say I want all Ridley Scott's so-called strands of Alien DNA all over my face, so to speak.

(Thanks, Richard!)

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