'Human Centipede 3' Attaches Previous Stars

March 2, 2012


Laurence R. Harvey and Dieter Laser, seen above in their roles as ass-to-mouth architects in their respective Human Centipede films, will once again be sculpting human flesh into the most graphic recycling system ever constructed.

According to EW, director Tom Six has chained together his prior stars to play lead roles in Human Centipede: Final Sequence, the trilogy closer that mercifully marks the last time Six will ask us to re-digest his shit.

Six has long discussed making the series a trilogy--to mirror his three-tiered vision of a man going poopy in a girl going poopy in another girl, and to give the Etsy community more to work from--but this casting comes as something of a surprise to anyone who has subjected themselves to the Human Centipede films. Spoiler: whups, Laser's Dr. Heiter gets shot in the head at the end of the first film.

However, before we get all worked up about the sanctity of Human Centipede ret-conning, it should be noted that the second film acknowledges the first, labeling it as a piece of fiction within the context of that world. So, perhaps Laser could play himself, maybe as a target for Harvey's Human Centipede-obsessed Martin. Or maybe it's just assumed that anyone too concerned with Human Centipede plot holes is probably immobile or imprisoned anyway. Or maybe we shouldn't even be trying to guess what's going on in the mind of a man who needs three films to say all he wants to say about sewing people together into a lengthy digestive tract.

In addition to the announcement that Harvey and Dieter will play the leads, the story also notes that Tom Six has cast himself in a supporting role. The monsters who created the titular, myriapodal monsters will at last meet the monster who created them, forming a chain of mutual respect and admiration that, one would hope, will never be torn apart by anguished screaming and infection.

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