IFC To Extend R. Kelly's Stay in Closet

March 21, 2012


R. Kelly's magnum opus, the two-part R&B opera Trapped in the Closet, is getting a third installment of musical melodrama thanks to IFC's realization that it would be pretty funny to have R. Kelly make more of that. The cable network has shit, thought, shit, thought, and shit quick decided to put Kelly back in the closet with new episodes of the 22-chapter series that made friend-with-the-DVDs everywhere say, "You have got to watch this. Just wait until dwarves get involved." IFC hasn't yet announced a broadcast date, but they did put together the below teaser to get us excited for Kelly's return to doing melodramatic things, then narrating those things through song that awkwardly lays out exactly what is happening on screen.

It always did feel like a trilogy, didn't it?

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