'John Carter' Ten-Minute Preview: Meet John Carter, Bean-Crazed Old Prospector

March 5, 2012


One of the biggest issues against the marketing team behind Disney's John Carter is that, while trailers and TV spots have shown off the film's many layers of CGI aliens, audiences are still pretty confused as to who exactly this John Carter guy is. This ten-minute opening from the movie should hopefully clear some of that up. He is a crazy old prospector, and he growlingly demands a tribute of beans:

Hey, Bryan Cranston! I'd almost forgotten that you've reached a near-Franco level of saturation.

Anyway, strange how often these ten minutes involved brief, hiccuped bursts of fanciful adventure music. Is that idea that John Carter is perpetually on the verge of sneezing out the opening set piece from Last Crusade?

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