'Journey', 'Project X' Both Getting Sequels

March 7, 2012


Journey 2: The Mysterious Island has made almost $200 million over its estimated budget, while Project X's gross nearly doubled the film's budget opening weekend, and so the respective studios behind those films will now see if they can't get a larger bee under The Rock and/or a smaller dwarf in a stove.

New Line is so pleased with the performance of their Brendan Fraser-free Journey sequel--which overseas has made $185 million to date, bringing it to $271 million total over just four weekends--they're reportedly "fast-tracking" another sequel for a 2014 release. No deals are currently in place for the cast, but one would assume the studio is looking at getting them back: director Brad Peyton called Journey 2 a "reboot," and--spoiler!--the end of his film heavily gestures toward a sequel involving the whole family going on JOURNEY: 3ARTH TO THE MOON. Seems like we'll once again be left wondering if this is really what it's come to for Michael Caine.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. already has Project X story writer and co-screenwriter Michael Bacall working on a sequel treatment to outline exactly what kind of bacchanalian revelry would be involved in the follow-up party promised at the original's close (spoiler?). No clues are given as to how Bacall will top the first party, but given that he already involved a flamethrower, one must ask themselves, what is better than flamethrower? As anyone who's played Contra knows, the answer is "spread."

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