Katy Perry, Metallica 3D Films Get Painfully Appropriate Directors

March 8, 2012


A duo calling themselves Magical Elves and a man named Nimrod, who directed Predators, will take on the 3D concert documentaries of Katy Perry and Metallica. I'll give you a moment to consider how that division of labor might pan out.

Okay, as you probably sorted out, the Katy Perry film is the one that will be directed by grown adults who, with a grin and wink and a flourish, have decided it would be cute to go by the pseudonym "Magical Elves." The elven team is actually Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz, the "powerhouse producing duo" behind such reality show hits as Top Chef, Project Runway, and the first show to ask the tragically overweight to please dance, Dance Your Ass Off. They also produced Justin Bieber's similarly-saccharine Never Say Never, so there you go. Yesterday, on Twitter, Perry herself revealed the titled of the film: Katy Perry: Part of Me. And yes, we're all already thinking that we hope the "part of her" is the breasts. Let's just get that out there, like her soon-to-be three-dimensional bosom.

Meanwhile, Metallica too is following the vanguard Bieber into the world of 3D concept-meets-documentary, and they've brought in director to Nimród Antal to help them with that. Antal last directed Predators, so he already has experience with laser lights, shredding, mouths that seem to open just a little too wide, large, smooth foreheads, etc. Seems alike a good fit is all. The film is expected to shoot this August for release summer 2013. You should be able to download it shortly after.

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