'Leprechaun' Reboot Taking It Back 2 tha Beginning

March 16, 2012


It's a Saint Patrick's Day miracle: Lionsgate is rebooting the Leprechaun franchise, because you need that.

In terms of reboot legitimacy, you have to sort of give Lionsgate credit for this one. Leprechaun is well-known enough--if not by reputation at least in that people recognize the word "Leprechaun" as being something--but it's not like the franchise is any way held sacred. And you can't say they didn't try all other avenues before deciding to start over. They went in the hood! They went in space! They returned 2 tha hood, aware that they did not fully cover all possible scenarios involving an evil leprechaun being within tha hood. What more could they do, you guys? It was time to start over.

And to help them start over, Lionsgate has reportedly teamed with televised wrestling producers WWE Studios. Because nothing makes a leprechaun look comically smaller than standing next to Triple H, star of The Chaperone and Leprechaun (2013). Not really with that last part, though. While the 2013 date is accurate, no cast has yet been announced--not even the stalwart Warwick Davis, who has resolutely played the Leprechaun in all six of these goddammers.

Tip to Lionsgate: If you're thinking you might get Peter Dinklage, you should stop thinking that. Though, with that Cat in the Hat remake going ahead without its former star, maybe Mike Myers isn't out of the question...

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