'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted' Trailer Highlights Cross-Species Sexuality, Slide Whistle

March 21, 2012


Well, the celebrity-voiced animals of Madagascar are on the run again, and this time--like CGI Garfield, Rob Schneider: Prostitute, Kal Penn's character from Van Wilder, and soon the Smurfs--they're running around Europe.

But what's stranger about this latest menagerie adventure is that Noah Baumbach-- writer/director of The Squid and the Whale and Greenberg, and repeat Wes Anderson collaborator--is currently given sole credit as screenwriter. He is the one credited with writing "David Schwimmer Giraffe's head continues to rise from water, because giraffes have very long necks; SLIDE WHISTLE plays." He is the one credited with writing, "Spear nearly stabs Ben Stiller Lion's already-neutered crotch. BEN STILLER LION: Whoa." He is the only we can blame for the scene, "Chris Rock Zebra ineptly sings about his "circus afro," carefully treading the line between buffoonish clowning and horrifying minstrel show." Noah Baumbach apparently wrote, "Borat Lemur seriously wants to fuck bear in tutu." So that's kind of weird.

While it is commonly believed that animal sexuality is instinctive and thus somewhat mechanistic, research regularly records that many animals are sexual opportunists, partaking in sexual relations with individuals of visibly distinct species. This is more visible in domesticated species and animals in captivity, as domestication commonly selects for increased breeding rate (and so an accelerated breeding cycle has commonly arisen in domesticated species over the centuries), and also because these species are more easily observed by humans.


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