Man Suing AMC Because Snacks Sure Cost a Lot, Don't They?

March 6, 2012


Fed up with outlandish theater concession prices, and either unable or unwilling to transform his rage into a relatable stand-up routine, Livonia, Michigan resident Joshua Thompson has filed a class-action lawsuit against his local AMC in the hopes of creating a future in which a paper tray of the most disgusting nachos known to man will not be a luxury reserved for the wealthy.

When contacted, the Livonia AMC in question reportedly refused to comment on the matter, while the Detroit Free Press's call to Washington D.C.'s National Association of Theatre Owners ended quickly when a staffer "angrily hung up the phone when asked about industry snack pricing practices," clearly scared and running now that a daring individual has stepped forward to yank down the velvet curtain that made $6.75 seem like a reasonable price for a Coke Zero.

Consumer experts and a local lawyers spoken to seem to think the case will be thrown out--apparently, movie theaters are regulated, even if one's desire to always be shoving something in their face isn't--but the movement has taken on a grassroots effort in theater parking lots, where swindled parties will gladly bitch about well-established ridiculous popcorn prices if poked at by an inquiring reporter:

"The prices are ridiculous," Rebecca Motley, 55, a self-employed Southfield physician [above], said while leaving the AMC Star Southfield 20.

Timothy Fells, 29, part owner of a Redford Township gym, agreed with Motley.

"Movie concession prices are extremely high, and that's why I don't stop at the snack bar very often," he said while leaving the AMC theater in Southfield.

Thompson himself did not wish to be interviewed for the piece because "he doesn't want any notoriety," preferring to remain a crusader in the shadows, his presence only made known by the quiet breeze of his purposely-heavy sigh following a theater worker's explanation that, no, the "combos" don't actually provide a discount. In his lawsuit, however, he reportedly said "he used to take his own pop and candy to the AMC in Livonia until the theater posted a sign banning the practice." So, really, AMC just needs to get this guy a girlfriend with a purse to smuggle some Skittles in and we've got this thing settled already.

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