'Modern Family' Star Ty Burrell Will Be CGI Dog, 'Spider-Man' Kid Will Be CGI Kid

March 16, 2012


That CGI adaptation of Mr. Peabody and Sherman no longer has Robert Downey Jr. attached to lend his voice to the world's smartest bespectacled dog. Now Ty Burrell is going to do that, because he does sound slightly more like a genius cartoon dog when you think about it. Plus, similar glasses. What more do you want?

max-charles-thumb.jpgDreamWorks Animation has also reportedly found the voice of their Sherman--the boy who accompanies Peabody on his time travel adventures--in Max Charles, a young actor who plays 7-year-old Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man and a character named "Peezer" in The Three Stooges, so he knows a thing or two about being in a reboot. As you can see to the right, he also knows a thing or two about cooly leaning against a wall. Based on this photo, I am not sure why this kid is not playing a cool street tough who flips a coin and persistently chews on a toothpick, because he obviously pulls that off, but hey, I'm not the casting guy. I just know a 2003-born badass when I see one.

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