New 'Dictator' Trailer Reveals Film Has Plot Beyond 'Wacky Dictator Character'

March 28, 2012


To look at the marketing material thus far, you'd be forgiven for thinking The Dictator was entirely about Sacha Baron Cohen doing a misogynistic Triumph the Insult Comic Dog impression from beneath regalia and a fake beard (and occasionally making Ryan Seacrest cry). The movie has been painted as basically Cohen's The Love Guru, another strained, diminished, one-note offering of funny voices and hair appliances--and that dreary comparison isn't helped by Ben Kingsley's willingness to once again sorrowfully fill the Ben Kingsley part.

But no, with this latest trailer for The Dictator, it's starting to seem like maybe this isn't quite Cohen's The Love Guru after all. There's more beneath the hilarious fake beard, you guys. As it turns out, it's more like Cohen's Coming to America by way of The Emperor's New Groove, Mel Brooks' Life Stinks, and terrorism panic?

So, there's an actual plot after all. And a moral! Which I guess is, "If only we could set Ahmadinejad up with Anna Faris and a counter job at an organic deli."

I'm not sure if being asked to buy into a murderous dictator's drastic redemptive arc and unlikely romance makes this any better or not, but that questionably foreign cover of "Everybody Hurts" is pretty good. It will be sad when that's accidentally played at Michael Stipe's funeral.

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