New 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Trailer and Five-Minute Preview

March 19, 2012


Still deciding if the superior Snow White adaptation is Snow White and the Huntsman or the one that looks an ABC Family Original Movie? Well, to help figure it out, here's almost eight minutes of footage from the former--some of it comprised of the same promising footage we've already seen but much of it featuring little or never-before-seen elements like the dwarves, Charlize Theron's propensity for attacking by way of CGI shard swarms, and a fantastical woodland sanctuary that makes Lisa Frank school supply imagery look subdued.


That all looked cool and engaging and stylish and consistent in tone and all, but then, Mirror Mirror includes such literary, Kafkaesque scenes as Nathan Lane's campy servant hilariously transforming into a bug, so how can we really declare a winner so early in the Snow White race?

If you're hoping to go into the film pretty fresh, you might want to skip the below five-minute preview, as it looks like it hits pretty much every major plot point of the first half of the film. It also reveals the existence of a weaselly character who should be Paul Bettany, but is not Paul Bettany. What gives?

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