Nicholas Sparks News: We're Getting More Nicholas Sparks Movies, and Keira Knightley Might Be in One of Them

March 15, 2012


Good news if you really like movie posters with attractive white couples warmly embracing because they love each other so hard: more Nicholas Sparks adaptations are happening, and Keira Knightley will probably be in one of them.

According to Twitch, Knightley is in early talks to play the lead in Lasse Hallström's adaptation of Sparks' Safe Haven. The actress would play a woman who moves to a small North Carolina town looking for shelter from a secret that haunts her past but who ultimately learns that--straight from the official description--LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUE SAFE HAVEN. Whups, spoiler! It turns out love is the only true safe haven. Bruce Willis was dead the whole time in the safe haven and it was love. Sorry, everyone.

Also on the Nicholas Sparks development path: The Best of Me, an adaptation Sparks pitched to Warner Bros. before he'd even written anything. He knew right from the start this fucker was going to be an out-of-this-world movie. The story concerns "former small-town high school sweethearts from opposite sides of the tracks" who meet again as now very different middle-aged adults. And then they figure out that THEY'RE THE BEST OF EACH OTHER, and then we all wipes our tears with our Snuggies and go to bed, hopeful that maybe we too will some day find love with an attractive white person from the other side of the tracks. Nick, you've done it again.

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