Nickelodeon Belatedly Renews 'Figure It Out'

March 7, 2012


Figure It Out--Nickelodeon's take on What's My Line and Danny Tamberelli's last taxable income--is returning to the cable network that first asked Lori Beth Denberg to guess the talent of some kid with a bowl cut.

More than a dozen years after its cancellation, the fondly-remembered kids' game show has been brought back by Nickelodeon, with the cable network ordering an astounding forty episodes to begin production starting next month. That is how confident Nick is in re-making Figure It Out.

In case you didn't have cable or aren't of a very specific age range: originally aired from 1997 to 1999, Figure It Out asked a panel of largely Nick-based minor celebrities to take turns guessing the talent of some smug, grinning kid lingering beside host and puberty-inviting Olympic-medalist Summer Sanders. In the years after going off the air, the show ran alongside reruns of such Mike O'Malley-centric retro favorites as GUTS and Get the Picture on Nick's GaS network until that shut down December 31, 2007, ruining the New Year for so many stoned college students.

It is not yet clear if favorites like Denberg, Tamberelli, Amanda Bynes, Michelle Trachtenberg, O'Malley, Kel, or Sanders will return, nor is it certain if the show will skew Family Style or Wild Style. Regardless, this should be enough to keep you and similarly-aged friends talking the whole evening about the Nickelodeon hits of yesteryear. Go ahead, bring up the fun house episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Make a nostalgic night of it.

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