'Now Is Good' Trailer: Dakota Fanning Dying, Still Wants To Date War Horse

March 6, 2012


In the proud, inoperable tradition of A Walk To Remember, last year's Restless, and Logan's Run, here's another film about a cute little blonde who doesn't have long to live and, hence, is spending their remaining time running around frivolously with a newfound significant other (fine, maybe that's exactly like Logan's Run). This time our terminal patient is Dakota Fanning, a leukemia sufferer whose bucket list includes stealing ATM cards and going on a date. And for the latter point, she's got her eye on Jeremy Irvine, War Horse's young star who, in this film, has gently stepped back his horse passion to now merely riding a motorcycle but still alongside horses. Baby steps.

Wait, why doesn't the boyfriend just pass on his immortality by biting her? Is that still not universally how young adult romance works?

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