"Oh, Yes," There Will Be Another Impossible Mission

March 9, 2012


Like a bipedal shark, always scampering forward with a manic intensity one can only possess when they deny themselves prescription medication, Tom Cruise must always have a fresh, exploding bedrock of Mission: Impossible being laid out in front of him or he'll barrel over the edge, and probably once again break his fall in the soft folds of a talk show couch, and no one wants that to happen. So, though the pitter-patter of Cruise feet is still echoing through theaters, one must ask, will there be another impossible mission laid out in anticipation of Ethan Hunt's sisyphean jog? "Oh, yes," says Viacom.

With Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol currently nearing $680 million gross worldwide, Viacom has casually announced they will indeed construct another Mission: Impossible playground for Tom and all his friends to run, dangle, and swing upon. Asked by a shareholder if there were "any plans to develop an additional sequel," Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman simply replied, "Oh, yes," because come on. Did you see that fucking gross?

Of course, that's not really a guarantee that Cruise would return to the franchise for a fifth time, but it's really hard to see any reason he wouldn't. Shepherding Mission: Impossible sequels into surprisingly excellent action films by untested live-action directors is about the only thing Tom Cruise is consistent with. And though Ghost Protocol was once being talked about as a passing of the torch to spy-action surrogate Jeremy Renner, that proposed theme never really came to pass; rather, by film's end, audiences were largely left admitting, "Fine, Tom Cruise, you're still charismatic, athletic, and convincingly-youthful enough to keep Mission Impossibling." Plus, the film is lately the only thing maintaining his international star power enough to keep his funeral plot beside Will Smith, and he's GOT to keep that.

We just need a suitably clunky, vaguely Clancy-esque title for this thing... Mission: Impossible; Midnight 0bjective? Before you answer, keep in mind that, on the poster, the zero in "0bjective" will be the image of a full moon partially-eclipsed by the silhouette of Cruise's profile.

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