Ouija Board Movie Back on as Cheapo Thing

March 5, 2012


As Hasbo found out the hard way, planning a big board game party never works out. The company was so, so excited about their plans to do so many games with Universal, but sadly, once confronted with the daunting stack of boxes before them, the studio's initially piqued interest quickly fell to, "Look, how about we just get through Battleship, and then maybe go to a bar," with the studio canceling plans to go ahead with any further adaptations.

It seemed that Hasbro's big plans for Ouija, Clue, Monopoly and Magic: The Gathering were shot. Until today, that is, when Universal out-of-the-blue called to say, "Okay, fine, I'll play Ouija with you. But just casual this time. Not a big thing, okay?"

Originally planned as a $100+ million film with McG in the director's seat before being called off entirely, now Ouija will be done for $5 million, lightening the affair enough that Universal doesn't have to worry about it too much. The burden of placatingly moving the planchette around for Hasbro now rests on Blumhouse Productions' Jason Blum, a producer who helped make Paranormal Activity and Insidious into very cheap things that made lots of money. Despite those connections, the film is reportedly unlikely to be a found footage-style production. It will just find other ways to be incredibly cheap. The Ouija board will maybe be hand-drawn on the back of a Denny's placemat, for example. We all know Paper Placemat Ouija will still open at number one with $25 million.

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