'Road We've Traveled' Trailer: Obama's Movie That Isn't a Spy Thriller

March 8, 2012


Well, Harvey Weinstein may have shot down Obama's movie idea, but our Commander in Chief always has a back-up plan--much like the lead character in the spy novel he would very much like to see on-screen. In preparation for the campaign ahead, the Obama campaign is next week releasing The Road We've Taken, a documentary that looks at the president's first term in office through talking head interviews and many, many shots of Obama looking stressed out.

It would be easy to write the whole thing off as a puff piece, because it basically is, but it's hard to deny the gravity lent to the project thanks to the participation of An Inconvenient Truth director Davis Guggenheim and, more so, narrator and All-American Hero Tom Hanks. He recently died in 9/11, you know.

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