Sorry, Will Smith, 'Men in Black 3' Theme Will Be a Pitbull Production

March 22, 2012


Our "walk wit' me [Will Smith]" has ended. Despite Smith's effectiveness at lending Big Willie Style to the original Men in Black theme, he will not be the one supplying Men in Black 3 with its signature theme. Pitbull will do that now, because director Barry Sonnenfeld's teenage daughter is really into Pitbull.

The song is called "Back in Time"--a nod to the film for some reason involving time travel despite already having a bunch of aliens and shit--and of it, P. Bull said (via):

"It's an incredible honor to be a part of such an amazing franchise as Men in Black and I have so much respect for Will Smith, especially with our similar musical backgrounds," says Pitbull. "Wanting to keep the music fun yet modern, we used the slogan of the movie and flipped it back into the song that 'in order to understand the future, you have to go back in time.'"

They flipped it back! That's almost as powerful as Smith asking us "make your neck work." Sonnenfeld added:

"My 19-year-old daughter turned me on to Pitbull. I'm thrilled that he wrote such a great song for our movie that totally gets it."

Well, so long as he gets it. And so long as "it" is "Will Smith goes back in time to see Josh Brolin's Tommy Lee Jones impersonation."

It remains to be seen if anyone will slide wit' Pitbull.

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