Stars of Frequently-Spoiled TV Provide Official Spoiler Etiquette

March 12, 2012


From CollegeHumor, here's a video in which Bubbles from The Wire, Rita from Dexter, Lori Grimes from Walking Dead, and other television serial stars lay out what they have declared to be The Official Spoiler Rules. Their laws aren't perfect, and some of them are jokes, but still, we really do need some ground rules for society's boring, ever-increasing television conversations, so I say we just go by these for now. (At least until any bigger, more central TV serial stars tell us otherwise. Bryan Cranston will officiate mediation on any conflicting rules.)

But what of foreign episodes that were shown long ago in their country of origin but only recently became readily-available in the U.S.? Such are the nagging, BBC-induced problems of the obnoxious white person living in a global age.

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