'That's My Boy' Poster Makes Poignant, Powerful Commentary on Adam Sandler Filmography

March 6, 2012


Woo! Beer! But wait a second... that isn't the Bud product placement we saw so prominently featured in the That's My Boy trailer... These tall boys bear a different name...



That appears to be something called "Jack's"--perhaps in reference to Sandler's last high-concept trainwreck, Jack and Jill? And, wow, if that's the case, then maybe the Bud Light-esque beers are actually visual metaphors for Adam Sandler's films as a whole: thin, tasteless, yet inexplicably popular, downed by the public and needlessly strewn across the American landscape as hollow reminders of a night's soon-forgotten distraction. But no, I'm kidding. It's just funny the dad is an alcoholic.

'That's My Boy' Poster [IMPA]

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