Timely! 'Fargo' Cable Series in Development at FX

March 26, 2012


The 1996 darkly-comic thriller Fargo won acclaim, seven Academy Award nominations, and induction into the National Film Registry for the Coen brothers' unique telling of an unlikely crime occurring in an even more unlikely place. Sixteen years later, FX would like to see if maybe that basic story would still work repeated as a televised procedural that would (probably) see the Brainerd police force faced with an unlikely crime ever week until the big sweeps episode where Marge Gunderson finally has her baby.

Though details are still scarce, and discussions are in early stages, FX and MGM are reportedly in negotiations to bring Fargo to basic cable as a series to follow the weekly adventures of Marge Gunderson. And as much as I'd like to give FX the benefit of the doubt for their numerous decent shows in recent years, this seems like an obviously terrible idea. I mean, think about it: If gruesome-yet-bumbling murders keep afflicting rural Minnesota at Law & Order levels (or even one-per-season rates, honestly), that seriously strains the entire wholesome-midwest-meets-contrived-crime basis, which only worked in the first place as an improbable, once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Do you disregard the events of the original Fargo? Or bring back Jerry Lundegaard as a low-rent Hannibal Lecter, giving Marge dialect-slathered advice from behind prison bars? Maybe toss in Woody, a woodchipper sidekick who can only speak through the churning of human blood? Like short-sighted, amateur criminality, there are so many ways this will inevitably end horribly!

Still, as much as this sounds like a surefire way to end up with Murder, She Wrote, Ya?, this isn't the first time someone has tried to adapt Fargo into a serial. Back in 1997, Kathy Bates gave it a shot with The Sopranos' Edie Falco in the lead. That attempt never made it past pilot--admittedly, already further than this may get--but you can have a look at the first few minutes of an episode below.

Well, at least now we've reached the point that maybe Holly Hunter would take the lead?

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