Turns Out Woody Allen Came Up with 'Midnight in Paris' Over 40 Years Ago

March 14, 2012


As noticed by Nerdist's Jake Kroeger, here's some of Woody Allen's '60s stand-up in which he talks about palling around with Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, and other creative icons of his beloved Jazz Age. If you've seen Midnight in Paris, this is where you'd think, "Spoilers! That sounds like Midnight in Paris!" Because, uh huh. It seems Woody has had this idea kicking around for a while now. And here I thought he'd just wanted to make a slightly more highbrow Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Also, it turns out Woody Allen got all of his protagonists from being Woody Allen.

(Thanks, Manolo!)

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